Louigi Verona Workshop

14 November, 02013

Had an interview with me published at zthmusic a couple of weeks ago, read it here: http://www.zthmusic.com/louigi-verona/

25 September, 02013

"droning" project: 14 new recordings added. The number 14 does not carry any special meaning, folks, seriously :)

2 July, 02013

Linux Audio podcast, episode 001. Comparing my older tune to Linux Audio today.

31 May, 02013

"droning" project: 14 new recordings added.

23 May, 02013

Another Reality LP is released, an electronic music album made with modular Linux setup.

24 February, 02013

Update: what I am up to these days.

10 January, 02013

Linux Audio podcast January 2013.

26 December, 02012

"droning" project has reached 200!

21 December, 02012

MicroWAD Collection has 5 maps now so it is probably okay to announce it. The idea of the MicroWAD Collection is to produce very short maps, which would be interesting to play and replay and focus not on size and number of monsters, but instead on clever design, simple ideas and dynamics. Most maps can be completed within 5 minutes.

20 December, 02012

Duh! Tutorials: How to pick up the ball.